Meet the Experts

Aqeel Al Muharraqi

Superintendent, FCCU & Utilities


Essam Al Sheibani

Operations Advisor

Duqm Refinery

Mohammed Ali Al Haddadi

Manager Corporate Excellence

ADNOC Refining

David Marion

Vice President, Manufacturing


Abdullah Al-Ajmi

Manager, Technical Services


Aliaa Al-Balushi

Senior Lead Engineer


Dr. Francis Humblot

Global Manager of DMDS Technical Assistance, Carelflex Coordination


Maruti Prasad

Superintendent, Hydrocracking, Treating & Lubes


Shashikant Chalke

FCC Lead Engineer


Vijay Cherian

Hydroprocessing Specialist


Per Zeuthen

General Manager, Catalyst Marketing

Haldor Topsøe

Christopher Fernandez

Founder & CEO

Block Gemini

Dr. Mabruk Issa Suleiman

Senior Manager, Engineering R&D and Support Services

ADNOC Refining Research Center

Benoît Labre

Managing Director


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